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Welcome to The Yellow Ball
The Yellow Ball’s mission is to introduce kids aged 4 – 12 in the Washington, DC metro area to sports through fun and innovative tennis instruction.  While tennis is at the core of our programs, we also emphasize various physical education elements to develop children’s coordination, fine motor skills, movement, agility, endurance, speed and strength. Our programs also stress the value of teamwork and the importance of integrity, self-discipline, accountability and respect.

Other key elements of our curriculum include:
  • Instilling knowledge and understanding of athletic rules, concepts, and strategies
  • Teaching children how to work as part of a team and as individuals by using a wide variety of competitive activities
  • Empowering children to take leadership roles and learning complex scoring mechanisms
  • Teaching children about proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
The Yellow Ball aims to foster well-rounded, well-informed, healthy young people, who can apply the skills they have acquired to various other activities outside of tennis, as well as to life in general. Our goal is to provide children with athletic lessons and gross motor skills that can be retrieved and used at a later time in activities as varied as dance, musical performance, basketball, soccer, etc.

The Yellow Ball is happy to offer high-quality programs in a safe, fun, and challenging environment at St. Albans School in Washington, DC.
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